When I first met Kellie and Dave back in 2016 we straight away got on so as you can imagine i was really looking forward to photographing this one.  Kellie had already been to quite a few of her friends weddings and so was super organised and super excited about her own.  She had already chosen her dress (as with so many brides that i have spoken to) as soon as she put it on she knew it was the one.  They had decided on Colwell Hotel as their venue, a gorgeous hotel on the sunny side of the Malvern’s.  Built just after the war, the interior was retro and the hotel was keen to keep this identity.

The wedding got under way with Kellie getting ready at her sister hair dressing salon. This was such a hoot as quite a few bottles of prosecco were cracked open at this point. We then travelled over the hill to Colwell for the wedding to get started.   Although Dave was slightly nervous at this point, Kellie was just loving every second of it and you couldn’t help but get carried away with the moment.   After the ceremony the party really did get started and i must admit i did not want this wedding to end.  Great friends, great speeches and a truly lovely couple.