When Emily and Tom first got in touch with me to go through their wedding plans I was super excited that it was at Diglis House Hotel.  (I had done a wedding there the year before and loved the fact the venue was right in the middle of Worcester City but sweetly snuggled up next to the River Severn)

Emily had decided to get ready in the hotel, and although her room was a bit tight we still managed to get in the two stylists, three bridesmaids, her mum and me.  More the merrier I say.  Emily emerged from the hotel room beautifully and triumphantly but soon the nerves kick in.  By the time we all got to the church Emily was truly beside herself and hugged her 7-year-old son with such feeling it was an absolute heart stopper. The ceremony began and then everything settled into place.

Back at Diglish House Hotel Tom was in his element being the centre of attention (such a big kid) and trying to get the more romantic shots of the two of them was a night mare as he kept on mucking about.  But lets face it, you can’t take things like this too seriously and personally I find the fun ones just as special.