WOW if you are looking for an unusual place to hold your reception then take a look at Lenches Lakes near Evesham.  A collection of picturesque fishing ponds, flanked by corn fields and pine forests with your wedding breakfast held in a marquee on the shores of the lake.

Tom and Emily work near London but all their friends and family were more than happy to travel up to spend the weekend with them in such an idyllic location.  The ceremony was at the local church with the best guard of honor consisting of pitch forks and tennis rackets, and they left the church on the biggest tracker I have seen.   Tom was super cool with how he wanted the day to flow and just wanted everyone to have a good time, but was adamant he wanted to leave the church on a tracker, so they did.

On arrival at Lenches Lakes to Emily surprise she was met by her child hood pony who was festooned with cream and pink flowers, everyone soon got down to the matter in hand of celebrating the wedding, climbing all over the massive tracker and petting such a pretty pony.  Later Tom, Emily and myself went for a walk around the lake to take advantage of such a beautiful location.  It was lovely to take a step back from the day and to see the  marquee from the other side of the lake with the muffled laughs spilling out from all their friends and family.  A feeling that I wont forget for a long long time and one i hope one that will stay will Emily and Tom for a long time too.