OWow weddings like this just don’t get any better, a super lovely couple, caring parents,  fun and up for it mates and a stunning venue.  I loved loved loved this day and would truly love to do it all again.

It all started with the bridal prep, I walked into the lounge to find Amy hugging her mum and mum’s best friend.  Gifts were exchanged and Amy’s mum had written some words in honour of this special day.  So heart-felt was this letter that she couldn’t finish read it and had to let her friend finish reading it for her.  Oh and the bit where Amy’s dad sees Amy for the first time was just brilliant too.  Not full of tears, lets not start them again, but full of jokes and gags, this didn’t stop all day between them.

Warm sun on your back and golden leaves was how we found Cripps Barn that day.  Amy and her dad arrived full of smiles and glided into the barn. Sam met her at the front with an even bigger smile than her dad and so the ceremony began.  I was so happy for them, their day had finally arrived, and did so in a blaze of Autumn sunshine.

After the ceremony they took time out to enjoy the car that Amy had arrived in.  Now I don’t know much about cars but this Chevy was epic, equipped with a swag bag and bad boy guns in the boot, well surely there had to be a bit of role play and these two didn’t let me down.  Loving every minute of it and posing like movie stars, Amy looked beautiful hanging off her husband arm as he swung a massive gun around, so funny.

The day soon became the evening and yet more surprises were to be had with Darren Campbell – the magician joining the party.  As hard as I tried I could not catch this guy out, he had the whole room in the palm of his hand, pulling tricks and bewitching the kids.  The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was so happy and I must admit its times like this that I really have to remind myself to keep taking pictures and to not get swept away with the wonder of it.  I wish Amy and Sam all the best for the future and a massive big congrats on pulling off such an ace wedding.


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