Holly and Keir’s wedding I could happily photograph all over again.  Not only was it held at the stunning Manor by the Lake, but also Holly and Keir are a smoking hot couple to photograph who are such fun to be around, and along with their bridal party the whole wedding just went off with a blast.

Holly wanted to get ready in good time so she could enjoy being in her dress for as long as possible.  Well that was music to my ears as I jumped around placing Holly in two different rooms with different bay windows and backdrops and draping her over chay longe and vanity table.  What an opportunity to get such a beautiful bride in this wonderful place.

The ceremony room filled up with all their friends and family and so the main event of the day began.  After the ceremony the confetti tunnel was orchestrated with the beautiful arches behind,  a spontaneous and up lifting part of any wedding, bringing forward even the shyest  of guests.  We spilled down onto the steps for more pictures with the boys enjoying their kilts a little bit to much, say no more, just take a look at the pics.

No normal first dance rounded this wedding of, no sir – a Kaylee Irish Dance with everyone on the dance floor followed by sparklers on the drive, which I tell you is not easy to organise with that many people.  Many thanks to the event organizer (I’m sorry I didn’t take you name) with the very loud voice and the furnace of all lighters.

I went home spinning after this fab day, god knows how Holly and Keir felt.