Oh my goodness what a wonderful treat to come back to blog this gorgeous wedding.  Hannah and Justin chose Glenfall House to host their beautiful day and WOW this delightful Grade II listed manor house truly did set the scene.

Every room, including the ceremony room, had this gorgeous space and feel to it and light just spilled in from every where.  Hannah with her bridesmaids got to the house in good time so as to appreciate this grand space but also to give themselves plenty of time to get ready in.   Justin and his grooms men arrived shortly after in good form with big smiles on their faces.

Hannah looked radiant in her beautiful wedding dress, so slim and graceful, as she gliding down the stars to the sunflower yellow ceremony room.  Justin greeted her with the biggest grin, and the whole room was moved to witness this young couple say their vows to each other.  After everyone bustled outside, confetti to the ready, to shower them with all the love in the world.

One of the many things that Glenfall House has to offer are its beautiful grounds, and anyone who knows of this venue will also know of the Wisteria Walk.  Mature vines grow amongst crumbling walls creating light and shadow upon a red brick pathway.  And it doesn’t just stop here, there are also more gardens to the side of the house.  It was in this secret side garden that Hannah broke down and cried in Justin arms.  They had finally done it, exchanged rings and had got married.   I stopped photographing and left them.  This was their time.

I went back to the party to find the others, Hannah and Justin joined us minutes later to whip up more fun on the dance floor and everyone joined in to celebrating the first day of their gorgeous marriage.