Lizzie and Matthew decided to get married at their home village of Rodmarton, Cirencester.  Randomly I had already photographed a wedding there a few years ago so was thrilled to come back to do another one.

Lizzie got ready at her child hood home and the ceremony took place at Rodmarton Church, after wards everyone meandered back to the village hall where a beautiful yurt had been erected to home this fabulous wedding.

Often with marquee/yurt weddings you are working with a blank canvas and so freedom of expression and attention to detail are important, I could easily see the loving thought and personal consideration that had gone into dressing their stunning day.

Lizzie and Matthew were a wonderful couple to photograph and once the wedding got under way you could really see how much they were enjoying themselves.  The sun set ones are my personal favs, the beautiful golden lighting and their relaxed happy expressions made this wedding one I have been looking forward to blogging for a long time xx