I had been looking forward to Rich and Georgia wedding for ages.  Not just because it was at the gorgeous Barn at Upcote, and not just because they were such a lovely couple to spend the day with, but because of Georgia flaming red hair, and set against her delicate ivory wedding dress she just looked absolutely stunning.

When I arrived Georgia, with her mum and bridesmaid were at the barn gradually and slowly getting ready, completely unaware of what a fabulous and emotional roller coaster of a day lay ahead of them.  Shorty after Rich, the best man and Rizer (the totally awesome family dog) then rocked up – also happily unaware of what the day would be like.  As the guests arrived, (making a bee line for Rizer of course) Rich greeted them with massive smiles, Georgia peeped out of the bridal sweet and seeing all her friends and family walk down the stone stairs, she then realised what an unforgettable day she was about to have.

The Barn was dressed so beautifully for their wedding, and the ceremony and the wedding breakfast a joy to photograph.  When I took Georgia and Rich aside to explore the farm garden it was a wonderful time for them to take a breather and to appreciate what had happened.  I was genuinely so happy for them, they had absolutely rocked their wedding, an unforgettable day that they will have and to hold forever.

Dress -Wed2be.  Hair – Individual Glamour.  Makeup – Enhance Your Beauty.  Flowers – Flamingo Box.  Food – Orchard Catering.