Caron and Ben chose Hyde Barn as their venue.  The space, the views and the location are just superb and on that particular day the weather was perfect too.  Not to hot, not to cold, a slight breeze every now and again with a few wisps of white fluffy cloud, ahhhhh, perfect.

Caron started getting ready in the spacious bridal room, there was a knock on the door and one of the guests popped a card and little pressie into the room stating its something from Ben, well Caron was thrilled when she opened the card and the Tiffany box and burst out crying.  At this point she was worried she wouldn’t look good on camera  but how could I not record this beautiful moment.  Caron’s uncle held the ceremony under the little wooden gazebo amongst friends and family with the occasional mooing cow joining in.  Caron and Ben, like every bride and groom on their wedding day, were so happy, the weather was spot on, the venue sublime, and I was the cat that got the cream, this couple photographed so well and looked so good together, snap snap snap away, every shot a winner.  And to top it all they were so lovely to be with too, I truly felt like one of the guests.  My last shot of the day was under the fairy lights in the gazabo, without any prompt they wrapped their arms around each other and sunk their heads together, the perfect shot, for a perfect day.