I absolutely love Dumbleton Hall, and not just because it sounds as if Harry Potter should of been filmed there, although it could of been with its quintessential British look and feel to it.

Leading up to Roxanne and Luke’s wedding it was sadly forecasted rain although on the day it actually turned out to be glorious.  Roxanne and Luke like many couples I meet were initially unsure about having their pictures taken and yet the more I got to know them the easier it was to capture them.  That and they were also so super in love that I just couldn’t go wrong, and also the whole wedding party (parents, friends of parents, brothers, sisters, besties and so on) were up for one big party of a wedding.

I genuinely felt I had made friends with Roxanne and Luke, they were such a friendly happy couple to be around and I truly believe I had not only nailed their wedding but had told their wonderful story set within the grounds of beautiful Dumbledore, I mean Dumbleton.

Hair – Suzanne Hale.  Make up – Love Bird Makeup