I arrived early that morning to Anna’s family farm to a hive of activity.  A close handful of friends and family were buzzing around helping with the finishing touches to this simply sublime country wedding.   Anna’s mum herself had grown all the flowers for the wedding and the church and had also made the cake (such a super talented mum.)    Anna even admitted that her and Jon had been up to midnight finishing off the marquee, hanging bunting, and hammering the all important”this way the church” signs into the ground.  It all looked utterly amazing and you could see how much time, love and attention had gone into planning this day.

There does become a time during any wedding when all the worrying and organising has to stop and all that’s left to do is get into your dress and get married.  At this point there is nothing more you can do but enjoy your day.

A truly beautiful ceremony was held at Anna’s local church just up the road from the farm.  After the ceremony every one bimbled back to have their breath taken away at seeing the sight of the old beautiful family farm in all its glory.  The kids tore around getting chocolate and grass stains down their once squeaky clean outfits, no one cared, for now it was all about having fun and celebrating.